5 Reasons Why a Marketing Agency Is Important

Christian Thomson

Christian is a British-born entrepreneur and founder of Marwick. For over 19 years, Christian has successfully helped businesses excel in digital marketing.

Every company benefits from good marketing. It is, after all, what brings clients to you and keeps you in business. Through effective marketing, small businesses are able to make their mark even despite strong competition.

Knowing what proper marketing can mean to your business, you want to make sure that you are receiving the maximum benefit, but perhaps your marketing department isn’t quite as strong as it should be, or perhaps you don’t even have one.

Take a look at the scenarios below and ask yourself if they apply to you. If they do, then these are 5 reasons why an ad agency is important to your company.

1) You Don’t Have Time to Market

Good, effective marketing is not something that is done at the drop of a hat. It takes time and consideration—time which you might be lacking, especially if you are the owner of a small business and find yourself with numerous other pressing concerns.

A marketing company will be able to devote as much time as needed to your marketing campaign, and additionally, they have the tools to do it more effectively, leaving you more time to take care of other pressing concerns.


2) You Don’t Have the Budget for In-House Marketers

You may be dealing with a budget that leaves you struggling to hire enough staff to meet your needs, especially if your business is a small one or just starting out. An in-house marketing team is certainly not cheap and may be more expensive than you think.

On the other hand, hiring a marketing agency probably isn’t as expensive as you would imagine, and it saves you from worrying about salaries, employee benefits, taxes, and the tools necessary to market effectively. Keep your staffing costs down and hire a professional agency. Get the results you want, with less money.

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3) You Lack Experience in Marketing

Any skill takes practice to develop fully, and marketing may be something that you have never had to deal with in the past. If so, you may find yourself struggling, but as mentioned above, trying to hire professionals to work in-house might be prohibitively expensive.

Once again, hiring a professional marketing agency can offer you the solution. Rather than hiring an individual who might have experience in a particular aspect of marketing, you would be hiring a team with a broad range of expertise.

Hiring an agency will give you access to experts in SEO, PPC, social media, content development, and much, much more. These experts will also have the experience to show them what works and what doesn’t in a particular industry, letting them develop effective strategies that keep you from wasting money on experimentation.


4) You Have Had Poor Results in the Past

It’s entirely possible that you have had mixed or even poor results in the past. If you are struggling with an ineffective campaign and have no idea how to fix it, outside help provides a fresh perspective and new ideas.

Don’t continue to throw away good money in an attempt to force your strategy to work when it clearly won’t. A professional agency will find what does work and get you back on to put your attention where it will do more good.

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5) You are Experiencing a Decline in Sales

Declining sales are never a good thing, and often signal the need for a significant course adjustment.

Has this been going on for some time? Perhaps you are not generating leads, or if you are, they may not be good ones. If your strategy is not converting and you are not seeing a growth in sales, a professional agency can revitalize your business with advertising services that will bolster your marketing efforts.

An experienced and dedicated team will be able to properly analyze, monitor, and put into effect the marketing strategy that you need in to see your numbers start climbing again.

Marketing is a critical part of your overall strategy. Make sure that it is in the right hands by hiring a professional agency, so you can put all your marketing worries behind you.


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