Changes to Facebook Ad Metrics

Christian Thomson

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A little while back, Facebook announced it was making changes to its algorithm, which aimed to show users less public content, such as posts from businesses, brands, celebrities, etc. This change was deemed to focus more on personal content such as posts from your family or your friends. Once again, Facebook is changing the way it operates, but this time is eyeing marketers like individuals who work in a social media agency.

Earlier this year, Facebook was fined after the city of Seattle accused them of not meeting their political ad transparency law. As a result, Facebook has made a promise to make ad metrics easier to understand.

Facebook aims to give businesses more insight on how their ad impact is calculated. They have decided to introduce new labels on some of their metrics as a result, in an attempt to take some of the heat off them. Facebook has been under scrutiny for a while now for not making their business methods and algorithms as transparent as people want. There have been several complaints saying that Facebook is not meeting generic advertising standards and as a result, they want to change that in an attempt to continually improve, like any good business.

New Metric Labels

Facebook is going to start labeling some of its metrics in Ads Manager as either ‘in development” and/or “estimated”. They will be found in a section of the Ads Manager reporting table called “Tool Tips”. The labels will also be displayed by using customized column selections for ads running on Facebook, Audience Network, and Instagram.

Estimated Metrics and In Development Metrics

Estimated Metrics will be able to provide guidance in areas where the end result can be difficult to quantify. Data in real-time that is provided is often based on an estimation from sampling. In the future, when sampling methods are used, the metric will be labeled as “estimated”. When you see the reach of an ad, it’s calculated using sampling methods based on estimations, which is the same as TV and digital ads.

In Development Metrics are defined as either new or still in testing. Facebook still has to test its metrics before it launches new ad products. This metric will change over time as a result. Some metrics will also end up in both the “in development” and the “estimated” section as well.

Facebook also wanted to remove approximately 20 ad metrics they deem as outdated, not used often, or redundant. The social reach metric will be one metric that is removed because it simply isn’t that different from the regular reach metric. This is set to occur in July of this year. Although this is one of the metrics being removed, Facebook has yet to give the complete list of metrics it plans to remove come this summer.

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