Home renovation companies are unlike many other companies in that their customers are not likely to offer repeat business on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. They may not even return annually. For this reason, it is necessary to constantly be finding new clients. But while digital marketing offers such an opportunity, many home renovation companies continue to rely on more traditional methods.

Traditional marketing involves running print ads, radio advertisements, mailings, and even word of mouth. These can be effective if you manage to connect with those already in need of your services, but your efforts will often reach many who are not yet planning renovations.

Why Choose Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing offers unprecedented access not only to a huge audience but also allows you to target those who are most likely to request your services. While traditional marketing can still play a role in your advertising, digital marketing is an effective and cost-efficient complement or alternative.

There were approximately 34.56 million internet users in Canada in 2019, which represents 96% of the population. Most of those users are online daily, checking email, going on social media, shopping, watching Netflix, and researching goods and services that interest them. This year is expected to see users spending more time online than on television for the first time ever.

SEO for Home Renovation Companies

While digital marketing relies on a variety of different methods to increase your online visibility, the best-known is perhaps Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This method concerns itself with making your site more attractive to search engines, Google in particular. Why? Because when users search for something online, Google provides a list of suggestions on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Out of the thousands of suggestions, it’s the top 3 that receive almost all of the clicks. If your site is not listed at the top of the page, chances are that you will remain unseen.

Getting into one of those top spots means that Google has deemed your site to be trustworthy, high-quality, and relevant to the user’s query. Search Engine Optimization is what helps you get thereby making your site as user-friendly as possible. Having a slow, unresponsive site can result in users bouncing away before it even loads completely. If users can’t find the information they want, or if articles are poorly written, that might likewise drive them away. Google will see this, and your site ranking will suffer.

Every day, Google users make more than 40,000 searches per second, and the search term “home renovation” is searched for more than 2,500 times a month in Canada and 6,300 times a month in the USA. Having your company appear for even a portion of them will lead to a drastic increase in business. And that is one keyword of many, for example “Home Renno Company near me” or “Best Home Renovation Firm” – there are literally thousands of people looking for your business every single day.

Google Ads for Home Renovation Companies

What if you aren’t seeing the results you hope for?

Search Engine Optimization is an excellent means for building your profile online, but it does take some time and is an ongoing process. If you find yourself wanting quicker results, you might want to consider Google Ads.

Google Ads is a pay-per-click platform that can be incredibly useful for pushing your site to the top of the SERP quickly. It works by targeting certain keywords—the search terms that users enter in Google when searching for something. This is especially useful for home renovation companies because, by the time consumers are searching for a company online, they are already close to taking action.

By focusing your efforts on specific keywords and phrases, you are able to pinpoint your precise audience, ensuring that your ads are seen by those who want to see them. This means they are much more likely to reach out to you.

Digital marketing can have a significant effect on your business, giving you more visibility and credibility, and bringing more users to your site. Contact us today and see how we can help put the power of digital marketing to work for you!