How To Test My Website SEO

Christian Thomson

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How to test my website seo: Hey, It’s Cassandra from Marwick Marketing.


Welcome back to another FAQ video. Today we’ll be taking advantage of a free online audit tool that will plainly lay out how optimized your website is. If you wanna learn how to maximize your online potential, stick around to the end of this video.

I’ll take you through this simple, yet effective task that will layout how optimized your website is. If you want more information on what SEO is, check the links in our description box below. Now let’s get started. Let’s start by opening our browsers. Let’s go to, and under free resources select test your websites SEO.

Free Website Report

Here, just input all of your information, and make sure that everything is correct. So you wanna make sure it’s the correct spelling or phrase. If you happen to have your competitors URL’s, make sure you put those in as well cause it can be very handy in comparing your guy’s SEO techniques.

So now that we’re ready, all we have to do is hit scan now and it’ll take about fifteen seconds, and then you’re going to receive a PDF to your email address that you entered.

So let’s open the PDF, and in the email you’ll see it’s about an eight-page document that will plainly layout as I said, how optimized your website is. So this is a quick, basic list of important aspects of your website that should be optimized in order to rank above your competitors. So it covers URL’s, speed, images, social, code and it’s very straight forward pass or fail type format, so it’s incredibly helpful, and it’s completely free.

If you need help going over this document or getting a bit more preliminary research to see where you’re currently ranking, just give me a call at 604-243-4518. You can always email me, Cassandra @ and I’d love to help you understand what the opportunity is, and how we can help you succeed online.

Thank you so much for watching this video, please give it a thumbs up if you liked it, and don’t forget to comment below what you would like to see next week. Until next time, bye!

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