Internet Marketing Strategies For Real Estate

Christian Thomson

Christian is a British-born entrepreneur and founder of Marwick. For over 19 years, Christian has successfully helped businesses excel in digital marketing.

The way people search Real Estate in Canada is changing, it’s a fact. In the latest Google reports on Real Estate and Google Search we see; Real Estate queries grew by 9% in Q3 2014 compared to Q2. Desktop queries grew by 0%, while Mobile queries grew by 34% and Tablet searches grew by 17% YoY in the same period. That’s a massive movement.

Here are some ways to leverage internet marketing in the real estate sector.

Social Media Engagement

Gary Vaynerchuk almost single handedly managed to convince a complete shift towards social media for real estate agents. With hash tags widely used, especially on Twitter, you can search for phrases such as #howtobuyahouse #househunting. You can respond directly to these people with some help no matter where they are in the world. Do not see this as a sales opportunity, simple engage and provide value to them – they will remember the interaction. This is a long-term prospect, which may be from a referral, but given a Tweet has less than 140 characters you can spend a couple minutes each day to help multiple people out.

Get Video Content Up From Location

Video marketing is prevalent in many industries now that Google places YouTube results at the top of search results regularly. Daily video content is gaining traction and real estate agents have a big opportunity to tap into. If someone is looking to buy in a new area they want to get to know the suburb.

With daily video content you can quickly get hours of content up in a couple months buyers will watch.

Lets take Coquitlam, BC for example. Someone may been looking to move to this area but is also considering Port Moody and Surrey – places you a real estate agent do not have properties. What we suggest to review Gleneagle Secondary School (local school) and then if possible interview the teachers on the school and good points. Bakeries? They would jump all over an interview as it is added exposure. This enables buyers to get to know a place using your content, then guess whom they will look to buy a house with.

Blog About Problem Areas For Buyers

Many people have blogs, however real estate agents seem to be lacking in the blogging department time it takes to write 500 words. However given the real estate industry has lots of issues buyers are unsure of you can quickly establish yourself as an authority figure.

Simply pick a problem topic, ‘how to tell if the real estate agent is telling the truth’ or ‘hidden clues to gauge condition when inspecting a house’ for example that buyers may be unsure of and get posting. You can also repurpose the video content you produced. You interviewed school staff? Create a post ’10 reasons (insert school name) School Staff Love (suburb)’. The people you have been helping on Twitter can also help out with issues you see coming up regularly.

If we were to rank these in order for you video content would be top, with blog content second but given the time it takes to jump on social media and help out there is no excuse to do this. Internet marketing strategies for real estate differ from other industries in the context but the above is three ways you can provide value, starting today.

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