Marwick Receives Great Client Feedback: Thank You Partners

Christian Thomson

Christian is a British-born entrepreneur and founder of Marwick. For over 19 years, Christian has successfully helped businesses excel in digital marketing.

It’s exciting when you walk into the office, log on to your computer, and see that you have three reviews on your company that are all 5 out of 5 stars.

At Marwick Internet Marketing, we’ve always prided ourselves on being seen as the top-rated digital marketing agency on Google. It’s because we take the time to care about our clients hopes and dreams that we’re able to produce tactful strategies that bring businesses dreams to realities.

When our clients enjoy the work we’ve provided them, it makes us work even harder on the next project. The three reviews we’ve received on Clutch are from some incredible partners we’ve had the chance to work with. Clutch, an active company resource that categorizes businesses based on client feedback, offers clients the chance to see the best companies for the right reasons.

Marwick Receives Great Client Feedback

Here’s some feedback for Marwick:

“We’ve done multiple SEO audits over the years but the difference with Marwick was a 10-minute video that explained, in simple terms, some of the issues with our website and what action was required to improve SEO.

“As a small business, we don’t have on-site technical experts so it was very helpful for an expert to walk us through the process.” – VP, Company Capital Small Business Loans

“I now have documentation to show my team and others of ALLLLL the items wrong with our current website and why we DO need a new one. ” – Sales & Marketing Manager, Copper Point Resort

We love to showcase our work on other recourse sites for future partners. You can check out our projects on Visual Objects, a Clutch site that showcases company portfolios as a resource for businesses looking for partnerships. Another Clutch resource, The Manifest, is a research-driven site that gives companies insights into the current industry as well as guides on how to put your business’s best foot forward.

The work we create for our clients is important because they are expecting an elevation in their business and conversion rates. We need to provide high quality, innovative strategies. We look forward to many more opportunities to create work that our partners are proud of. Make sure you send us an email if you’re interested in joining us.



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